The Open-Heart Open-Mind Recovery Concept

Twelve Suggestions to Freedom and Wholeness for Survivors of Parental Narcissistic Abuse

This book centers on a common dysfunctional story that is told from the viewpoint of a recovering adult child of narcissists. My focus here will not be NPD because a wealth of books, podcasts, blogs, and other resources already exist on this topic. If you need a deeper understanding of NPD, I recommend your continued research. What you will find in this book instead is a feeling of fellowship, understanding, compassion, education, and experiential recovery lessons focused on the specific perspective of people with narcissistic parents.

In writing this book, I hope to shed light on this complex, almost invisible, common problem in our society, provide education and insight through my own experiential journey, and offer instruction for a new recovery pathway. I call this pathway The Open-Heart Open-Mind Recovery Concept. In the same way that the Twelve Steps of alcohol and codependency recovery guide and teach new ways of thinking and living, the Twelve Suggestions of The Open-Heart Open-Mind Recovery Concept use familiar tools and methods to focus specifically on PNA issues and consequences.